My baby boys are now 9 weeks old and growing up so fast.  I am having so much fun teaching them to play with toys and my favorite game of chase.



Big Boy  2 pounds 0.3 ounces
(Please pardon his stubbornness as he did not want to do this...LOL)
Middle Boy   1 pound 7.8 ounces
Little Boy  1 pound 9 ounces

Big Boy Middle Boy
Little  Boy


My babies actually live with DeeDee's litter of 4 puppies now that they are older, since they are only 1 week apart.  Click here to see them all playing together.


        Little Boy now known as Cruiser (Jr) has now moved to his new home with his two half brothers, Buster and Elway, and his new mom, Tammy

       Middle Boy now known as Charlie has moved to his new home with cousins,
Lucci and Teddy, and his new mom Emily

The Big boy will stay here as a future show prospect and will be known as Freedom although his two legged dad has taken to calling him Billy Butthead, or Billy B for short.......


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