Foxstone Maltese who were shown but did not achieve their championships
Penelope, Foxstone's Treasure Cruz, shown in the picture on the left, at 13 months old.  Penelope did not get to achieve her championship because Mom took a two year hiatus from dog shows just as Penelope's show career was starting.  Penelope's attributes include a gorgeous, fast growing, correct silk coat, a pretty head, a beautiful front and rear, and a dead-level topline.

Image (Foxstone's Imagine-A-Dream) is the most structurally sound girl in my house with the easiest care silky coat I have ever had here.  But, alas, Image hated the show ring with all of her heart.  I was once told that some dogs are meant for the showring and some are meant for the whelping box which obviously was very true with Image.  Image with her puppy, Champagne, is the best, most protective mom that we have ever had here at Foxstone Maltese.


Ellie Mae (Foxstone's Elusive Dreams) had gained 5 points in her short show career before it became very clear that she needed a forever person that could just spend their life around her which is what she now has.  She was a lot of dog packed in her small frame with a beautiful silk coat, dead level topline and nice front and rear.

Patti is a tiny, very structurally sound girl who gained 5 of her championship points in her short show career.  Patti became very sick after her first season.  We later found out that she had very bad "female" problems which ended up resulting in her being spayed for her problems to cease.

Elvis (Foxstone's Hot Tam Here I Am) achieved 8 points including one of his majors before coming down with a major chemistry imbalance due to a food I was then feeding.

Brutus (Sir Brutus of Foxstone) was my very first Maltese.  He and I hit the showring when he was barely 6 months old.  He was a very structurally sound dog with a very nice coat and actually gained 2 championship points before I finally realized that he truly was not meant to be a show dog due to all of my "novice" mistakes.  My education in Maltese began with Brutus.


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