Vanity here again...............I would like to introduce to you one of our favorite new puppies in our house.  We have named her "Charm".   Personally I think this girl has a lot of potential and the greatest personality.......

She reminds me of myself when I was a baby............hehehe

With a zest for life and an adventurous personality Charm burst into this new world at full speed ahead and has never looked back!!!!!.  

DOB:  1-19-2000

Charm all grown up!!!!

Sire:   Ch. Bar-Tel With Reasonable Doubt  aka  "Ergo"
Dam:   Foxstone's Sweet Expectations    aka  "Candy"


Check back often to see new and hopefully better pictures (Mom's trying to get a new Digital.......as if that is really going to help ..hehe) of our exciting new little girl........ Charm !!!



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