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Dream Puppies

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"Auntie Nan......
Here I come!!!"

The puppies are growing by the day.  I know that Mom will soon have them out on the floor running amuck.    Of course, I "do" have my flight reservations ready..... hehehe.....................


5 1/2 Weeks Old

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This is "Magic", alias Foxstone's Magical Dream.  Mom says he looks "a lot" like his dad, "Cruiser".
This is "DeeDee",   alias Foxstone's DayDream Believer.  DeeDee is already showing alot of attitude. 

deedee1.jpg (8490 bytes)

ellie2.jpg (7386 bytes)

This is "Ellie Mae", alias Foxstone's Elusive Dreams.  She is Mom's favorite puppy.  She was not happy with having her picture taken today.
This is "Sophia",   She is one of the two small ones in this litter.

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And last but not least is "Kelly", She is the tiniest one in the litter at the moment but she has "a lot" of zest.

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