Stevie and Nicki

Hello........My name is Trouble.  

Vanity has given me permission to author this page.  She is usually not 
this nice but she thinks that I'm special.

                       Lucky me!!!!!



This is Stevie and Nicki. 

Mom named them after      one of her favorite singers, Stevie Nicks.  Nicki came into this world all by herself but Stevie had to be assisted by our favorite vet.  They were born
 Nov. 20, 1999.  Their proud parents are Mary (in the background picture) and 

me, of course......... Trouble.  Mom really likes these two little girls alot.  Stevie is more ornery than Nicki but both have the great personalities  that Mom likes....(of course they take after me....)


March 4, 2000         15 weeks old

Although Nicki has moved to my original mom's house I am adding some new pictures of my daughter, Stevie.  I think she is so pretty!!!!  

She's so playful that we have even caught the resident sourpuss, Vanity, playing with her when Vanity thought no one was looking......

Stevie (aka "Diva") now resides in New Hampshire/New York 
with her new mom who sings opera.


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