Mary & Teddy
Present Their Little

Hi............I'm the Ted-miester 
(Teddy for short)
I'm here to introduce you to the newest additions to the Foxstone Maltese family.

I may be a bit prejudiced, but,  I think they're going to set the world on fire!!!!!!!


Born July 3, 2001
Sire:  Teddy      Dam:  Mary
Pictures taken 7-21-01
2 1/2 weeks old

Little Girl (14 1/2 oz) left
Boy (1 lb 2 oz)  middle
Big Girl (1 lb 4 oz) right

Boy, Big Girl, Little Girl

Boy, Big Girl, Little Girl

Boy, Big Girl, Little Girl
The Big Girl, now known  as Abby, lives in Tulsa OK
with her new mom, Susan.  
Abby (Ch. Ta-Jon's This Bee's A Buzzin') became
a Champion on May 19, 2002.
This will now give me (Teddy) my ROM (Sire of Merit)

  The Boy, now known as Dino, lives in Windsor, CO
with his new mom, Denise.
  The Little Girl, known as Freedom (aka P'Nut), will stay here as a
future show prospect.

P'Nut's Page

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