Vanity has graciously (yeah...right!!!!) allowed me, Teddy, to introduce the newest additions to Foxstone Maltese. 

So without further adieu....
here they are..




Here is Misty with our two baby boys.  This is Misty's very first and last litter due to some medical problems which resulted in her having to be spayed.  Misty is doing wonderful now and is very much in love with her baby boys.

2 beautiful boys born April 4, 2003 weighing in at a whopping
4.4 ounces and 5.1 ounces

Sire:  Ta-Jon's Bare Necessities ROM (Teddy)
Dam:  Foxstone's Among Sweet Mystery (Misty)




Here are Misty and my two beautiful, healthy baby boys....2 days old







Here are the boys at 8 days old.
What a difference a week makes....
The boys are double their birth weights.


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