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 I would like to tell you a bit more about Mom andVanitycarsel.JPG (51788 bytes) her Maltese puppies.  Mom is what you would call a "show breeder".  She breeds only for "Maltese show dogs".   Mom does have a problem with letting us go anyplace else, but sometimes she will to the right home. 
Over the years she has learned that she does need to place some of her Maltese puppies into what she refers to as "pet homes".  Since Mom doesn't breed very much and because Maltese dogs do not have very large litters she does not have a large number of "pet" Maltese puppies.
     When Mom has a Maltese puppy that she feels is not up to the standards   that she wants to put into the show ring, she will place that Maltese puppy into a "pet" home. 
That is not to say that a "pet" Maltese puppy is not a good representative of the Maltese breed.  There may be some thing about it that just keeps it out of the show ring, such as  a misplaced tooth, the dog's size, or the puppy may not have the type of coat that mom likes, and in some cases she has placed a Maltese puppy in a "pet" home only because the Maltese puppy was a boy.  Sometimes Mom just keeps  the best one out of a litter, and lets the rest go to "pet" homes, because she can only show one or two dogs at any given time. 
     When Mom has decided to place a Maltese puppy into a "pet" home, a long process starts.  Mom is adamant about knowing the people and where they live.  She likes prospective new owners to see how and where the Maltese puppies and all of the rest of us live.  Of course, that's when we all get to act silly and showoff.......... hehehe...... 
     Any Maltese puppy that leaves our house is sold with a Limited Registration and with a spay/neuter contract.  In many cases the Maltese puppy is between 4 and 7 months old before Mom decides to place them.
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       Mom does NOT ship her Maltese puppies/dogs under any circumstances!!  If a new owner lives to far to drive Mom will allow the owners to come pick up their Maltese puppy and fly back home as long as the Maltese puppies are "carry-on" into the cabin of the plane with the new owner.  
       The final thing that Mom is very adamant about, is selling Maltese puppies to homes with young children.  This is not because we Maltese do not like children!!  Most of us love children!!!  Mom has heard many horror stories over the years where a Maltese puppy/dog was hurt badly or even killed by and un-knowing child.  (Read about Caesar on our Rainbow Bridge page and you can also read Small Dogs/Puppies and Children)     So, it is for our safety that Mom will not sell to a house hold with a lot of children or young children no matter how much we Maltese enjoy children.

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