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  719 - 438 - 2007


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Hi!!  It's me again.....  Vanity.  I love my new haircut!  Just between you and me, I always hated all those long grooming sessions.  Anyways, on this page I wanted to show you some of my other friends that live here with me.

Teddyface.jpg (5774 bytes)            Teddystand.jpg (4961 bytes)

This is "Teddy" (Ta-Jon's Bare Necessities ROM). 
 He never made it to the showring due to a small mishap. 
Some guys have all the luck!!  (Just kidding,)  Mom says he's a champion at our house anyway.

Teddy has fathered seven Champion children so far.  
His Champion kids are:
Ch. Lindy's Less Talk More Action
Ch. Lindy's Careless Whisper
Ch. Foxstone's Little Caesar
Ch. Foxstone's Cruiser Dreams
Ch. Ta-Jon's This Bee's A Buzzin'
Ch. Foxstone's Freedom Flight
Ch. Foxstone's Champagne On Ice

Teddy is also a "full" brother to Ch. Ta-Jon's Tickle Me Silly. 
"Silly" is the top winning Maltese dog in history.

Sire:     Ch. Pashes Beau Didley
Dam: Ch. Ta-Jon's Tickle Me Pink

Teddy has now crossed the rainbow bridge due to an
illness that he valiantly fought but could not beat. 
May 19, 1993 - August 17, 2004
This is "Patti" (Foxstone's Peek-A-Boo Patti).  Patti's show career was cut short due to some medical problems and she had to be spayed.  She is now just another of the couch potatoes here at Foxstone Maltese.

Patti did enjoy showing though!!
What a bummer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sire: Ch. Kandu's Back To The Future
Dam: Ta-Jon's Among Other Things


Maltese Dogs, Maltese Dog, Maltese Puppies, Maltese puppy, Maltese dog breeder, Champion Maltese Dogs, Foxstone Maltese,
Patti at 9 months old

Couchdogs.jpg (8379 bytes)

Here I am with some of my friends.

Life sure gets "tuff" sometimes..... hehehe.


This is "Brutus".  Mom said I had to put up a picture of him because he is Mom's very first Maltese.  He's sooo spoiled...  I even have to share Mom's pillow with him!!!!

With deep sadness we must report that Brutus crossed over the rainbow bride on October 4, 2004.  He was 13 years and 9 months old.


Brufix.JPG (8399 bytes)

Pic1.jpg (7173 bytes)

Here are some of us playing
our favorite game...........  
"catch me if you can!"

We do enjoy playing in the grass!!!!


This was "Snuggles", our resident cat.  She tolerated most of us but loved to play with the puppies.  Mom says "Snuggles" had been here through two husbands, three human kids and all us Maltese.  In this picture, Snuggles is 20 1/2 years old and was still  going strong.   
Snuggles passed away  Nov. 14, 2000.  She was almost 24 years old.  She will be missed by all!

snuggles.jpg (8218 bytes)

This is Speck with several of the Maltese on the bed in Mom's office.  She is the last of the nine big rescue dogs that mom had of which 4 of them were part coyote....Speck is the last of these four "coydogs", as they are often referred to.  After Smiley died, Speck could not stand to be outside by herself so she became a "house" dog at almost 13 years old in 2003.  She lost part of a foot shortly after birth at the dog pound where the mother and litter had been taken due to the mom biting someone who kept bothering her puppies.  This partial foot has caused a lot of problems for her in her old age.  Later she lost part of one of her ears .  As you can see she is very comfortable in her current surroundings....LOL

This is Apollo.  He came to live with us in May of 2004.  He had been abandoned at a very young age and was very sick.  He was bottle fed and nursed back to health.  Apollo does not know that he is a cat because he was raised with some Maltese puppies who were about the same age as he was when found.  And all of us Maltese....well we just let him think that he is a funny looking Maltese dog.

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