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  719 - 438 - 2007


Well here I am again.  My name is Vanity.   Mom is getting ready to do the one thing I hate mostest in the world..... she's going to give me a bath!!!

Whoever said we "always" have to be clean????

Although You didn't ask (I knew you were going to), I decided to give you a brief history of Foxstone Maltese.   Mom started in 1991 with "Brutus", her first Maltese.  Brutus is a nice guy but quickly showed Mom he was not a "show" dog.  Consequently, Mom quickly learned what not to do when showing Maltese!
That's where I came into the picture! Since Mom had made all her mistakes (I wish!!!) on Brutus, she decided to bring me from Arizona, where I was born, to live with her in Colorado.  Mom says that I was already "spoiled rotten" when she picked me up.  I quickly learned that I could wrap my "new" Mom around my little paw with ease, so my show career sputtered a little until " I " decided it was time to  get serious..... hehehe.
We live here with several Maltese as well as several large mutts... er... dogs... that Mom has also rescued over the years.  I, of course, keep those big lugs in complete control at all times.  After Mom got Brutus, her first Maltese, she found out that she loved us so much that she would never have any other breed.   Mom is one smart lady don't you think?

Mom says Squirt and Weasel,
(a terrier-mix Mom found in a snowstorm), were "soul" sisters.   They even passed away within a couple of
months of each other.

People always ask why the name "Foxstone" came to be our name.  One of Mom's first small breeds was a Pomeranian named "Squirt".  Since Squirt looked kinda "foxy" and we lived in a sand dune (no........... I'm not kidding),  Mom decided we were "Foxstones". 
     Hey......... beats the heck out of "Gallstones"!!!!!

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"Mom.......Pick me...
pick me!!!!"

One of our greatest thrills is to travel around in the motorhome, Dad bought for us, to dog shows where some of us can strut our stuff while the others just get to be cute.  Showing Maltese is Mom's passion.  We don't get many puppies around here because Mom only breeds a couple of litters a year.  She says she would much rather show Maltese than breed them.  Good thing too..... I always have to teach those little toe-biters their place and that's a lot of work!!


This is "Candy" with
our favorite Aunt,
"Auntie Nan".  Candy
is our "official" guest greeter.

Times have changed since I first came to live here.  We moved off the sand dune to this little town because Dad works here.  Yes........ he has a "real" job too........ not just motorhome pilot and chief pooper scooper.  It's a nice little town..... when we are all out in the front yard playing people stop by the house just to watch us.  We "always" give them a good show.  They must like it too because they keep coming back!!!
So there you have it.... a brief tour of what Foxstone Maltese is all about.  As Mom says.... the Maltese are what we are about.  And those of us who live here are pretty lucky.  We get to roam the house, have a big grassy play area, and we own two nice humans.  What more could anyone ask??



Major turning points in Foxstone Maltese History

February 1991
Acquired my very first Maltese who became "Brutus".

Brutus is the whole reason that I fell in love with the Maltese Breed.  Brutus contributed his gorgeous, sound  structure and beautiful silk coat to Foxstone Maltese

October 1993
Vanity came to live at our home.


July 1994
Teddy (Ta-Jon's Bare Necessities) came to live at our house.

Teddy is behind most of the dogs presently at Foxstone Maltese.

April 1995
Sparkle came to live at Foxstone Maltese

Sparkle and Teddy produced Cruiser who has been a very significant sire at Foxstone Maltese

December 1996
Aimee (Ta-Jon's Among Other Things) came to live at our house. 
Aimee's sweet personality is beyond compare.

Aimee produced some beautiful offspring, including Patti, Misty,
and Sugar (Ch. Ta-Jon's Sugar in the Mornin)

January 1999
Mary (Ta-Jon's Merry-Go-Round) came to live at our house.  Mary brought to Foxstone Maltese a beautiful head and superb structure.

Mary produced several beautiful offspring which included two out of three of her last litter becoming champions.... P'Nut (Ch. Foxstone's Freedom Flight) who stayed at Foxstone Maltese and Abby (Ch. Ta-Jon's This Bee's A Buzzin')

The Rest is History in the Making!!


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