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Ch. Bechtel's Vanity of Foxstone

On this page I will tell you about some of my Mom's most memorable moments.  

Of course, her "most" memorable moment ever was the day she got me!!!!!

Our First Maltese Specialty

One of Mom's favorite memories is her first American Maltese Association National Specialty held in San Diego, California.  Mom was soooo excited.   She had me entered in the six  to nine month old puppy class and she "knew" I was going to be a winner.  I showed her!!!!!!   
I went around the ring on two legs!!!  hehehe

Another important memory of Mom's, around that time period, happened with "Mojo".    Mom had entered him in his first show "just to get him some ring time".   He was barely six months old.   Well.................he was nothing like me!!  He behaved in the ring!!!   He received "Reserve Winners Dog" to a 5 point major that day.   Dad says it took several days for Mom to come down from the clouds after that one.
Vanity with Judge Edd Biven
Then there was the time I received my very first two points and a "Best of Breed" to boot.  Mom said I was a "real toot" back then.  I had walking on two legs perfected by that time and was quite proud of myself. 
When Mom had our picture taken with the judge,  Edd Biven, he wanted the picture  of me with "all" my feet on the table............. geeeezzzzzzz.
Ch. Foxstone's High Roller - "Mojo"Another really exciting weekend for my Mom was the weekend "Mojo" became a champion.   That weekend he received back to back 5 point majors and then went on to  "Best of Opposite Sex", (over specials), behind the famous  Ch. Ta-Jon's Tickle Me Silly.

Ch. Foxstone's Little Caesar
Then along came Caesar. Mom has several fond  memories  of her times showing him.  There was the time that Mom had Dad  show him in Wichita, Kansas. He went "Best of Winners" for a 3 point major.   Funny part of it was that the judge had to show Dad how to stack him....
Dad doesn't take us in the ring very often...... hehe

Caesar in Kansas City

Caesar again surprised Mom when in Kansas City he took "Winners Dog" and "Best of Opposite Sex" for a 5 point major.  Mom says he was a lot of fun to show because of his "small" size. 

He sure doesn't have a "small" attitude!!!!

Vanity winning her championship title


Then, of course, there was the day that I became a champion by receiving a 5 point major, also in Kansas City.  Mom said I was just "perfect"...I thought I was too!!!!!!

Foxstone's Cruiser Dreams gets a Group 3 in DenverAnother very exciting time for Mom was when "Cruiser" received a "Group 3" at the prestigious Denver Dog Show.  Mom says he was a real "handful" in the ring and had way too much "attitude". 

Personally, between you and me, I think he's a big showoff!!!!


One of mom's most recent memories was the "windy" day that DeeDee (Ch. Foxstone's Daydream Believer) "decided" it was time to become a champion.  Contrary to her normal behavior, DeeDee decided to do everything right (including walking...gggg).  She not only received a 5 point major but also went BOB (Best of Breed) over a special.  Of course, when DeeDee was done showing she reverted back to the spoiled, stubborn, demanding DeeDee that we all know and love........

More Memories Are Being Made!!!


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