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Foxstone Maltese Puppies
Aimee and Raisin Puppies DOB 1-8-2000
Aimee and Scooter Puppies
Candy and Ergo's Puppy, "Charm"
Champagne and Ricky Puppies
Charm & Cruiser's Halloween Babies
Charm and Cruiser Puppies
DeeDee and Indy Puppies
DeeDee and Keeper Puppies
Dreamers and Cruiser's Dream Puppies
Image and Ricky Puppies
Image and Teddy Puppies
Levi and Cruiser's Puppy, "Image"
Mary and Trouble Puppies
Mary and Teddy Maltese Puppies
Misty and Teddy Puppies
Penelope and PW Maltese Puppies
P'Nut & Adam's Puppies
P'Nut and Cruiser Maltese Puppies
RÍve and Cruiser Maltese Puppies
RÍve and PW Maltese Puppies
RÍve and Ricky Maltese Puppies
Treasure and Adam Maltese puppies
Treasure and Cruiser Puppies Born 12-29-04
Maltese Puppies Available
Foxstone Maltese Puppy Questionnaire
Foxstone Maltese Pet Contract
Maltese Puppy Basic Supplies
Foxstone Maltese Champion Dogs
Foxstone Maltese History
Foxstone Maltese Dog & Grooming Room
Foxstone Maltese Show Dog Memories
Extended Family
Foxstone Maltese Rainbow Bridge
Others Maltese dogs and Puppies at Foxstone Maltese
Foxstone Maltese Pedigrees
Adam - Ch. Foxstone's Indecently Up-N-Adam      
Aimee - Ta-Jon's Among Other Things
Billy B - Ch. Foxstone's Freedom Dream Bill
Champagne - Ch. Foxstone's Champagne On Ice
Charm - Ch. Foxstone's Charm'n Xpectations
Cruiser - Ch. Foxstone's Cruiser Dreams
DeeDee - Ch. Foxstone's Daydream Believer
Ellie Mae - Foxstone's Elusive Dreams
Eve - Foxstone's Indecently Eve-N-Better
Image - Foxstone's Imagine-A-Dream
Misty - Foxstone's Among Sweet Mystery
Patti - Foxstone's Peek-A-Boo Patti
P'Nut - Ch. Foxstone's Freedom Flight
Puppet - Ch. Foxstone's Indecent Daydream
RÍve - "Foxstone's Daydream Keeper"
Teddy - Ta-Jon's Bare Necessities ROM
Treasure - "Foxstone's Treasure Keeper"
Trouble - Ch. Ta-Jon's I Ain't Misbehavin'
Vanity - Ch. Bechtel's Vanity of Foxstone
Foxstone Maltese Favorite Links
Buyers Beware!!!! Puppy Selling Schemes
All About Foxstone Maltese Puppies
How to Look For & Find A Reputably Bred Maltese Puppy In The United States
Why do Maltese puppies need to be 12 weeks old before going to a new home??
Maltese Dog and Puppy Size/Weight...does it matter??
Teacup Maltese, T-cup Maltese, Tcup Maltese, Micro-mini Maltese
Maltese Show Dog Versus Maltese Pet.....What is the difference?
Small Dogs and Young Children....Puppies are not toys
The Maltese Breed History
Maltese Dog and Puppy Facts (Faqs)
Puppymill Poem "A Wish"
Questions & Answers
Saga Of Lady Lawnchair
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