Every puppy needs good food to have a good start on life.  There are many, many brands to choose from.  I use a combination of Pro Plan Small Breed Chicken & Rice Puppy Food mixed with Bil-Jac Puppy food.   I mix these two foods at three scoops Pro Plan to two scoops Bil-Jac.   I have found that my dogs do wonderful with this mixture.  I also free feed all of my dogs which means that there is food available whenever they want it.  I have found that my guys just don't seem to eat enough at any one time but they do seem to just 'graze' all day long.

I also feed my puppies twice a day with a mixture of the kibble and Pedigree canned puppy food warmed in the microwave, and a bit of goats milk and cheddar cheese added.

Bil-Jac Puppy Food

Water should be available for puppy at all times.  I always recommend bottled water.

Chew Toys

I do not give pigs ears, pigs noses, or rawhide chews, since there is a safety factor involved.  They can choke and die from these.  If you insist on using these chews, do so under strict supervision.



All puppies love toys.  Stuffed animals, latex squeakies, and even old socks with knots in the middle are wonderful puppy toys.  My guys have every dog toy imaginable ....... hehe

Potty Training

My young puppies are trained to use  “potty pads” for their business.  I use the pads that are for people with incontinence.  There are other forms of potty training also, but this works for me and has been a godsend when traveling.


My puppies are given Goat’s Milk daily.  I use the canned which is mixed one can of milk to one can of water.  I have found one of the added benefits of having goats milk out for the babies is that I have not had any puppies go hypoglycemic during weaning time since I started using it.

Wet Meal

Many young puppies need a wet meal or two in addition to their dry kibble daily.  My puppies wet meal consists of some Pedigree Canned Puppy Food, some Gerber Baby food Meat (Chicken, Veal, or Beef), goats milk, and a small amount of kibble. 

Puppy Supplies

Use of an exercise pen or a Wire Crate is a necessity for when puppy is home alone.  You must always remember
that Maltese are eye level with most electrical sockets and other household puppy hazards.  This can also be used as a “safe” place such as when younger company comes to visit that does not know how to be around small dogs.

A carrier such as the one on the right is always nice to have on hand for transporting your puppy.  Most puppies love their crates even for just naps or for quiet time.  They are, after all, “den animals”.


Some type of bed is usually needed for your exercise pen.  I also recommend that you gets bowls that attach somehow to the pen such as the ones in the picture.  These are especially nice for those puppies that dig and like to play in their food bowl.



No house with a new puppy should be without some form of chew deterrent such as Bitter Apple Spray and/or Cream.   There are several different brands of similar products that are all wonderful chew deterrents for your furniture and anything else the puppy has decided is its favorite chew thing.



A safety harness is the safest way to take these little ones for a walk.  With a safety harness, they can quickly and safely be jerked out of harms way if need be with the least amount of damage.


Foxstone Maltese Grooming Supplies
(These are the items and supplies, which I use and like.)

Combs and Brushes

Ultimate Metal Comb - #1 All Systems

I absolutely love this particular brand of combs but there are several other very nice brands out there on the market for you to choose from.

Face Comb - Greyhound Fine/Medium (4 1/2")

A small face comb such as the one above is a must for keeping the facial hair nice and neat.



Chris Christensen Pin Brush / Small Oblong 20mm -

A good pin brush is the proper brush to use for your Maltese coat.  I love the Chris Christensen brushes because they have rounded pins and don't scratch my dogs skin when brushing.  There are several other nice brands of pin brushes on the market but this one is my favorite

Leave-in Conditioner

You should “never” brush a dry coat!!  I utilize this product a lot.  You just spritz the area and brush….a little goes a long way.  You can also just use a mist of water or even a mist of water with some of your favorite conditioner mixed in.

Face and top knots

Show Off 16oz pump by Chris Christensen

Chris Christensen  Show Off Spray (16 oz)

 For the daily cleaning of the face or any other small touch-ups I love this product.  It Is an innovative new technology in a spray-on, no-rinse gentle cleaner that will not irritate the skin. Renew color clarity, texture and body while diminishing soiled spots on all coat colors, creating a radiant glow in just minutes. Can be used numerous times during a day's events without buildup!

This is my favorite
'waterless shampoo' product.


Maybelline Small Blush Brush 

To keep the faces dry and fresh I use corn starch dabbed on with a small cosmetic brush.  It also helps to keep the faces cleaner.  You just dab it on then use your small face comb to comb it in and remove any excess corn starch.  Can also be used after the “Show Off” spray above to help dry the face.


Latex bands can be used to keep the head hair out of the face.  And what self respecting Maltese would be without it's collection of bows .

Shampoos and Conditioners

I use Paul Mitchell Baby Don't Cry Shampoo for washing the face during their bath.  I have found it to be the gentlest for their delicate face and eye area.


Crown Royal Biovite OB Formula 1 Shampoo

I have tried a lot of shampoos and I always come back to the Crown Royal Biovite OB Formula 1 Shampoo for my regular shampoos.  I always dilute according to instructions.


Crown Royal Condition Plus Coat Conditioner


This is the conditioner that I utilize the most.  Again, you dilute according to the directions.  There are many other nice products on the market and I, like many others, have cabinets full of products but this is the one that is my favorite for basic weekly conditioning.

Nails and Trimming

Small Curved Ball Point or
Ears and Nose Scissors

I use this type of small safety scissors for any trimming such as around the nose or around their rectum or any other delicate areas.


Resco Deluxe Small Breed Nail Trimmer

This is the brand and type of nail trimmer that I use.


Groomax Cat Nail Trimmer

These are the nail clippers that I use for the “dew claw” on the Maltese.  I have found that these are small enough as to not be too uncomfortable for the clipping of the dew claw.


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