11 week old
"Dream Puppies"

UmbrelaVanity.jpg (6632 bytes)

The "Dream Puppies" are now 11 weeks old!!!!!!!
They have, so far, terrorized all of the other Maltese here...................... except me,.........of course!!!!

Mom and Dad are still learning how to use their new Digital camera,
so some of the pictures are not as good as they would like.  

They seem to have lots of problems with shadows and lighting.......
maybe by the next set of pictures I will have
it figured out for them...........hehehe


Dsc00004.jpg (63856 bytes)

Dsc00008.jpg (63646 bytes)

This is "Magic" (aka Mikey) weighing in at 
2 lbs 2.7 ozs and is as full of himself as his dad, "Cruiser".


Dsc00009.jpg (63939 bytes)

Dsc00013.jpg (63874 bytes)

This is "DeeDee".  She weighs 2lbs 2.9 oz.  She is the most demanding of this litter and has no qualms about letting everyone know when she wants something.  I guess that's a lot like her dad, Cruiser, also....


Dsc00015.jpg (64151 bytes)

Elliehead.jpg (64917 bytes)

This is "Ellie Mae".  She weighs 1 lb 14.9 oz.  She is still Mom's favorite but she had a hard time with cutting her teeth and teared a lot more than any of the rest.   She's very feisty  and is also full of herself.


trulystand.jpg (62884 bytes)

trulyhead.jpg (65173 bytes)

This is "Truly" (aka Sophia).  She now weighs a whopping  1 lb 8.9 oz.   Mom says that she is going to take a growing spurt soon and catch up with the rest................


Dsc00027.jpg (63862 bytes)

Dsc00024.jpg (65390 bytes)

This is "Misty" (aka Kelly).  She weighs 
1 lb 8.1 ozs.  Mom is hoping she will catch up also.  Misty is the "fireball" of the whole litter and constantly goes 200 miles an hour.


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